Express lane with Moe: Season 3 Kick Off

Owner of Culture Street Shop telling us about his vision.

Owner of Culture Street Shop telling us about his vision.

January marked the first installment of Creatives at Roundish Tables Season 3.  We kicked off this season with a gathering at Culture Street Shop in Northfield Denver.  Culture Street Shop is a street wear shop that carries both luxury and local brands, art work, custom foot wear, and sneakers for days! The shop brings the hype beast enthusiasts of Denver out of hiding while cultivating a much needed urban culture in the northern Denver area. 

This installment did not include a co-proctor. Instead, Kristopher, Corianne, and myself introduced the question to the group "What do you need from your community?"  During this conversation we heard a wide variety of responses, but there were a few key themes that remained

A need to be reassured

Self doubt is a real thing, especially when our personal styles or brands are at the forefront of potential criticisms.  As a community, it is important for us to remind each other of what our strengths are and how we can utilize those strengths see continued success.  As we spoke in previous season, we are still a community even though we compete for similar jobs.  Keeping each other motivated and encouraged should always be a priority in our minds. 

Access to space and resources

We are all in different phases of our careers.  Some of us are new to Denver while the rest of us are still building momentum within our current brands.  If you have access to spaces that are available to creatives: SPREAD THE WORD! If you know of cool places or people that will make concepts become a reality: SPREAD THE WORD!  

Community in general

Solitary confinement has many psychological effects that make it difficult to lead a healthy creative lifestyle.  So go out, find your people, create spaces for creatives to come together, seek out creative spaces you have not experienced before, shake hands with a creative you never met, collaborate, and engage in the beauty that is interpersonal communication.  We all need it and we will gain so much more if we make the choice to experience this crazy world together. 

As Season 3 continues, I will be bringing you an express lane, just in case you couldn’t catch the CART! I know not all of us are able to attend these discussions every month, but we hope this will be a solution to keeping you in the conversation regardless of your hectic schedules.  

Both myself and Odessa Nomadic are sending you our love. 

Stay warm, and see you February 26th, 6:30p at RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver, Co!