Hello Creatives!!!

Thank you for your interest in joining CART critique. We believe critiques are a great resource for incubating ideas, developing working concepts and better understanding personal intention. We love diving deep and identifying areas of strength in all kinds of creative ideas and further establishing best practices for creating successful finished work.

We encourage creatives of all sorts to participate! While our founders come from a visual fine arts background, we are committed to a universal design language that allows us all to communicate constructive praises and criticisms.

By submitting this form you are signing up to reserve a spot in our next Creatives at Roundish Tables Critique. This form allows us to better organize our formal works-in-progress critiques and adequately assign critique times.

As you fill out this form, please keep in mind all works must be either:

  • A work in progress

  • Never before published

  • Never before shown in a gallery or boutique setting

This is a fresh eyes only experience to help creatives looking for genuine feedback on how to make a project more successful.

Because we will only be able to critique works for up to 8 artists please do not submit more than 3 pieces.

Please help us by submitting your form within 48 hours of the next CART critique.