W/ Special Guest

Gregory Santos



1460 Leyden St

Denver, CO 80220


September 18th, 2019

6:30 - 8:30 PM

TOPIC: Falling on the Social Sword?

How should you genuinely tackle self-promotion in a vast, crowded, competitive, social media market without giving away everything for free?

“I'm interested in the art/music/lifestyle/creative process/etc., of _____________. Most likely, I'll be able to find them on Instagram. The chances are that within their bio, only one click away, they'll have a link to their website. Maybe they're on Facebook too; that's only a quick 5-second search to find! I can now experience, see, read, and enjoy an unbelievable amount of information: works in progress, samples, sneak-peeks, completed works both past and present, even intimate thoughts of struggle and success of the creative process. All of this shared for free to be "seen" through the algorithms of various social media platforms and networking communities. _____________ will continue to update their social media presence with new work and keep me informed of all things. As a casual viewer, fan, friend, family member, critic, or collector, I can now see their creative endeavors for free. I don't need to visit a gallery, pop up event, music hall, studio, etc., to experience and enjoy their creative endeavors. Has this instant gratification and an overwhelming amount of content interfered with the goal of artistic livelihoods?"

- Gregory Santos

As creatives, how do we use and harness social media platforms to benefit ourselves, both as individuals and our specific, creative communities? How do we promote our own creative process, style, and product in a flooded digital market without giving away an excessive degree for free on networking sites? Are there better ways for creatives to work within’ these platforms?


Meet Gregory Santos

Gregory Santos is the Printmaking Director at Art Gym Denver and the Chair of Mo'Print. He is an abstract artist specializing in lithography and screen printing. As a collaborative printer, he’s made editions for artists: Tony Ortega, Gigi Chen, Dinh Q. Lê, and Sanford Biggers. He’s also printed editions for Helen Frankenthaler, Cecily Brown, Jill Moser, Guillermo Kuitca, Robert Kushner, and Mickalene Thomas.